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Home of Goat Milks Soaps, Lotions and Herbal Salves. Wool and wool products. We raise the goats, sheep, bees and herbs that make these products possible.

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Alicia Craven
55 years old
About Me

I am married to a wonderful man.  I have 3 grown sons and 2 daughter-in-laws. My youngest will be getting married next year so that will boost my total to 3 daughter-in-laws.  I have 3 step-children (2 boys, 1 girl) and 2 step grand daughters who all live in International Falls, MN. 

I was raised in a wonderful christian family.  My dad has been a preacher all my live and he and my mom are my two biggest inspirations.  I have 2 wonderful sisters, 3 nephews, 1 niece and 2 terrfic brother-in-laws.   My whole family centers their lives around God and our churches and the gospel groups that we sing in and our families.  I have to say I am a very blessed lady.

81 years old
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79 years old
About Me

I met Sue at the Tennessee Beekeepers Association conference and I immediately recognized a kindred spirit! We definitely share a love of animals and of the land and have a desire to make our modest acreage as productive as possible. 

53 years old
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Helen G.
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43 years old

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72 years old
About Me

I am a retired grandmother who works everyday. I keep 4 of the grandchildren after school. I am a bee keeper. Because of the bee keeping I have started making soap and lotion with honey and beeswax. I am excited to learn about herbs and healthy living. We have our own garden and about 35 hives of bees.We have one donkey and some free range chickens. Also have ten milk goats that are my granddaughters. We have lived on a farm all our life. My husband is retired and he does most of the bee work.

60 years old
About Me

Some of my projects will still take some time to fully mature. but at least I'm heading in the right direction! Watching the floods along the Mississippi River, the recent fires in Texas and the escalating food prices due to the outrageous petroleum prices, I'm concerned that the price of food and other products may be too expensive for Americans to afford! Unfortunantly November of last year, my career became a victim of Obama's failed economy policies. I was a prepper well before that, but current circumstances have me attempt to become more independant as far as my food supply goes. Now it's a situation where I have far more time on my hand than money, so I'm taking every opportunity to LEARN! I guess all of my life I've been preparing for this moment. I was a Boy Scout as I was growing up, and then a volunteer for the local area Red Cross and then founder and president of the Giles County Skywarn program as an Extra class HAM operator, specializing in emergency communications.

With a limited budget, I'm having to take the long route to raising my critters. I presently have 6 rabbits, the buck already being mature but having to wait on the does to mature before I can breed them. I planning on selling some of them, eating some of them and making use of their manure. I have 10 pullets, and it will take a couple of more months before they begin their egg laying. I plan on using them for their eggs, for meat and for their manure. I will be attending the Hands-On Workshop: Identifying and Preparing Small Game being held near Lewisburg Saturday. They are teaching the most efficent way of processing rabbits and chickens, with some discussion about tanning the rabbit hides. I have a bee hive and needed tools, awaiting the opportunity to remove a swarm, and even at that it will be next year before I can harvest any honey. I also hope to utilize the bees wax for candles. A couple of weeks ago a good friend of mine helped me start my wine making. I presently have 5 gallons of strawberry wine gurgling away! Next week I plan on tackling canning 8 lbs of strawberries, my first attempt. We were supposed to assist a friend with their garden out in the country, but it's been too wet for him to even turn the ground. So I decided to try on my own. I am now planting a 12x6 raised garden bed utilizing heirloom seeds. I believe in having all of the equipment I need before I acquire my critters. I have a large backyard total enclosed with a chain-link fence, with plenty of shade. I found a bargain on a goat milking stand and a forty gallon water trough. With the equipment and the knowledge of how I can make full use of the goat- for milk, meat, butter, cheese and hide, the next step will be to plan my budget to obtain two nubian does. I'm attending my first goat auction here in Columbia tomorrow (Friday). They hold their goat auctiions twice a month. I am planning on purchasing a manual cream seperator as soon as I wrap up some of my other projects and then only when my budget will allow it. I've been studying the different models and their prices on eBay. I am very well aware of the benefit of joining associations with those with similar interest. I am an active member of the Columbia Area Beekeepers Association(CABA) and the Maury Amateur Radio Club(MARC). I'm eager to learn all I can! As a side note, after the recent nuclear meltdown in Japan, my wife and I secured what we needed for a nuclear disaster- gas mask, 2 bottles of potassium iodide, protective suits, a geiger counter and enough plastic and duct tape to seal our house up. With the recent tornadoes which ripped through Alabama, I received word that for some reason Brown's Ferry nuclear plant was to be shut down. I didn't know the reason, but I did call my wife to give her a 'heads-up." We were lucking that we were in no danger from Brown's Ferry. My wife and I later discussed our preparation, and there was great peace to knowing that if the SHTF that we have prepared. Would it 100% protect us? I can't be sure, but did we have all the protection we could have- YES, we did!

About Me

I own a Nubian Dairy Goat farm in south central Michigan.  We are completely natural at our farm, using herbs, homeopathics, etc. to obtain/maintain glowing health. 

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Linda Lyle


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Lynne Wilson
49 years old

About Me

Love the Lord, his creation, family and friends

Robin H
About Me

I spin and card wool.  ;-)

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