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Posted by Sue on August 23, 2011 at 10:40 AM

Lately we've been busy.  And that's a good thing.  :-)  I kind of mentioned on the front page how we have recently headed towards the sheep and wool full time ...and I should say how I have headed that way. 

You see I'm the one that is scattered!  Like I'm a wild flower out in the pasture and the winds blow and suddenly I'm blowing seeds EVERYWHERE.  Do you know what I mean?   You see, I've been incredibly blessed with creativity.  I can see something in a craft store, fabric store, or even a retail store and then if I like it or think I can sell it...I go home and make it.  I don't really need patterns or directions..I can just see it in my head.  I've always been like that and while it's good it's also not so good.  Because I make everything.  And my house and poor husband bear the brunt of that! LOL  I have one entire bedroom filled (FILLED) with craft supplies for everything from painting, sewing, quilting, knitting, multi media work, scrapbooking, altered art, jewelry, etc..,  and it's leporasy...throughout our home!!!  I need serious a support group or a therapist for OCD (over crafting disease)...  And, my family needs a FOTOC(family of the over crafted)group.  They don't intervene. They just enable me. They tell me how great the 'stuff' is. And "Oh it's so pretty"  When they mean..."ARE YOU KIDDING? WHY ARE YOU MAKING THAT??? WHICH HOLE WILL THAT GET STUFFED INTO????"  I'm kidding...but it's true.   Finally last fall my Aunt came to visit and she said.."All the stuff you make is nice, but don't you think you should focus on one or two things?"  WOW- at first I was mad.  She OBVIOUSLY  just doesn't understand.  But then slowly..and I do mean S L O W L Y, my eyes were opened.  I was a jack of all trades and master of NONE!!  And my home...well... it could really use a a crafty goodness clean out! 

And so it began.... the focus started to become clearer.  God had given me a dream of Sheep and all things sheep...and I had let the dream get side tracked and buried under a mound of crafts.  Well, the pile is being cleared and I'm putting stuff on Ebay everyday.  Let someone else use it up (Or store it at their house! LOL)  And, I have more time to hang out with the sheep (and the goats) in the pasture, and more money available to build a new buck pen yesterday.  

Do you ever get 'lost' on your way to your dream?  What do/did you do about that? 

And speaking of the bucks...BOY!! There's a LOT of blubbering going on around here these days!!!!  Our girls(Goats) are in heat (not me and my sister!!!:/)  and they are making the boys NUTS!!!  Yesterday they broke out of their pen and that led us to build a new one last night out of cattle panels (I dare them to try to get out NOW! HA!)  And for those that have no idea what that's like...STINK STINK STINK!!!  That's the best way to describe it.  You see a male goat (Buck) pees all over himself (head, chest, belly, legs) to make himself more attractive to the girls.  (I for one am SO Glad we are not goats!! :mad:) And  they blubber.  They stick out their tongue and wiggle it..making a blubber sound. And one of our bucks actually sounds like he is barking when the girls get really close.  So funny to watch.   Maybe a video will make it's way here soon. ...

Have a fabulous day everyone!!


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