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Posted by Sue on December 10, 2010 at 8:10 AM

WooHoo!! This morning I stepped outside to see what the day would hold as far as weather.  It is quite balmy!  YEA!!!  I listened to the weather and it is supposed to be 50 degrees today!!  YAHOOO!! And none to soon as I've started developing a cold and my ears are quite achy.  (I used my Garlic Mullein oil last night..they are getting better) 

BUT....the weather is about to get worse.  So today will be busy trying to get the barn cozy for the goats and making some weather safe water buckets. (bucket in an old tire lined with straw to keep the water from freezing quite so fast).  The weatherman tells us rain tomorrow and then snow overnight and temps in the 30's Sunday and the 20's Monday with blustery winds.  ICK!  I hate when a middle TN weatherman uses words like BLUSTERY!  Not gonna be good.  Reminds me of living in Chicago.  We know blustery winds up there!  Can't say I miss it though.  As a matter of fact...I don't miss it one iota!!  LOL   I'm just wishing they'd keep north of here!  Ok..starting to get a little whiny so it's time to get about my day..goats, sheep and a cow need to be fed and rabbits (and everyone else) need water.   And I need more coffee..........


Have a fabulous day!


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