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Farngirl to gymnist in 3 easy steps

Posted by Sue on July 8, 2015 at 4:55 PM

I hear Blogging is all the rage these days! I am taking business classes that tell us that if you want your business to grow you MUST blog.  So I am blogging about blogging.  HHmmmm....  I don't think this is what they meant...  OK, would you like to hear how a farm girl becomes a gymnist?

So Monday, I am feeding the sheep.  Which now number in the upper 30's.  (Nature! WOW!)  Anyhow, I am feeding the sheep and because I love my sheep so much I sometimes decide that they just haven't had enough to eat so I'll get a third bucket out of the feed barn and offer them some more.  After all, If I am fat and sassy then my sheep should be as well.  (HA!)

I have a shed that has a regular house door that I walk into and then a 'barn' door that opens out into the field through which I exit with the feed to the delight of my sheep.  And delighted they are!  For surely the way they act they have not been fed in decades.  Though in reality it has been less then 24 hours.  I wonder if sheep days are like dog years... but I digress...

After I filled all the troughs this Monday I went in for one more.  That was the beginning of trouble for me.   I knew that when I came out the sheep would be being as smart as I am...I backed out.  Seriuosly? What the snot was I thinking? 

Oh..I should tell you.. out that door is a wooden pallet since it tends to get muddy there...and on that pallet is a large cinder block.  Placed there by a genius! YEP! ME!!  I am a genius!

So I am backing out..and there is of course a sheep there...and so I am backing up quickly..into the cinder block..with a bucket full of feed...and a sheep nudging to get in said bucket. 

From there...I am not quite sure what happened....

Except I went from Farm Girl to Gymnist is several quick steps.

I am falling backward over the cinder block, get my other boot caught under the pallet, somehow manage to turn myself around in mid air since I know I don't want to land on my back.  Oh no.... I landed on my the bucket.  And the 'twins' were screaming!!!  I also used my left wrist to somewhat break my fall.  As soon as I landed I knew I had to get up...sheep are relentless...they were already surrounding me for all the free food I had scattered about...


instant tears

But I got up and composed myself enough to pick up the bucket and get back into the shed...and sit down on the milking stand and cry. oh I hurt.


My first thought....I am too old to be doing this.  And I hurt. All Over.


I have goats to feed.  So off I went to take care of the rest of my duties. 

Oh .....I have taken inventory of the battle wounds..(LOL) and they are many. 

I moved the cinder case you were wondering.

Have a groovy day!!!

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