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Is it really March?

Posted by Sue on March 10, 2010 at 9:01 AM

Really?  Where does time go?  Where's the nice weather?  Ok, I know that it has been nice the last few days but all in all it has been a brutal winter.  Or maybe my world has changed so much in the last few years that even though it's 20 degrees out I still have to go to the barn and take care of all the critters.  (What was I thinking??  80+ animals and a crops to boot??) 

But I must admit....I L O V E it! :D  And, I feel like I'm living a dream.  Yep, I've dreamed about this for years(over 30) and each time something new comes to live here or a new oppurtunity presents itself I mentally can see the check list of things to accomplish in my life and another check is added to the list.  Lately it sounds like "check check check check". 


Since I've last posted (Feb 18th?  REALLY????) we've added some new life here.  Our new bucks came.  We bought a LaMancha Buck and a Nubian Buck.  Both are bottle babies and I'm beginning to think that they think that they are human babies! LOL.  We named them Hawk and Bear.  (My sis and I are from Chicago...Blackhawks and the Bears)  Hawk was less then a week old and Bear was about a month old.     This is Jil and Hawk.


I'll post some more pics soon of the two new guys.  

We have been keeping LaMancha's and one thing about LaMancha's is that they have tiny ears.  When people aren't used to seeing them they ask us "What happened to their ears?"  Sometimes I want to tell them.. "We ate them!"  Just kidding........    Anyhow, we brought Bear home and he has HUGE ears (should've named him Dumbo) and the adult LaMancha's came over to him and Bigsby our weathered buck walked right up to him and bite an ear.  As if to say, "What the heck are these buddy?"


We've also added two Nubain Does.  Shannon recently kidded so she is in full milk and Lauren is just about at the end of her lactation.  We are getting just over a gallon of milk per day from these two girls.  Our adjustment with them has been the talking(read:bellowing) these two girls do.  Our LaManchas are quiet and so very friendly and these girls just talk talk talk.  Maybe once they settle in they will quiet down. 


The other thing that is going full force here at the farm is the planting and planning for crops.  It's been to if-y to put things out yet, but the seedlings in the trays are all looking mighty fine!  There are over 720 plants in my kitchen (Yikes!) that I started from seed  and more outside.  I've also been doing a lot of networking lately and learning sooo much and meeting some great people!  I attended the Tennessee Organics Growers Association (T.O.G.A) conference this past weekend and really enjoyed that.  I met with our UT Extension Agent yesterday and got some good leads from him, though part of that was frustrating.  For example: if I want to sell plants (herb and veggies starts) and if they have been in the ground I have to spray them before I can sell them.  Spray them?????  With chemicals????  Then how can I call them organic?????????   That seems to defeat the whole purpose.    How do we educate the state on the dangers of sprays??


Well....I've rambled on and on and it's time to move on to things outdoors.


Have a most fabulus day!


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