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Can you ride a goat?

Posted by Sue on February 18, 2010 at 1:17 PM

Kind of a silly quesiton, no?  Well let me tell you about my day...............

It started out as a beautiful sunny day.  A little cool and muddy muddy muddy...but I was choosing to look up and think"Ah, sun!"


So I decided to go check on the goats and see what's up with them.  They are all sunbathing and just looking content.  I decide "Nonsense!" Let's stir it up...I'll trim their nails.  Goats are not like people.  They do not enjoy a good pedicure no matter how much treats they are given.  At least mine don't.  I have to carry the trimmer in my as to sneak up on them! HA!  I, believing I'm so clever, come up next to Bigsby and start to pet him and then reach for his front leg and work my way down, I bend up the hoof and start to trim.  "So far, so good.  He must be in a good mood today"  (A little background here...most folks do this on a goat stand.  We don't have one yet and we do it on the fly! Usually two or three of us and we hold the goat while the other trims.  Well not today...after all I'm Super Sue!  LOL)

Back to Bigsby.....


While I"m down there trimming the hoof he starts to get restless, so brillant me...I decide to put a leg on either side of his neck to hold him in place.  Bigsby is a BIG goat.  He is also a silly goat.   And, I can hardly imagine what he was thinking! :D

Up went Bigsby's head and up I went onto his shoulders!!!!  I was suddenly sitting ON MY GOAT! And, yelling Bigsby! Bigsby!  To which he assumed I meant "RUN ....RUN FASTER"  So being the good goat that he is....HE DID!!!  I'm trying to reach the ground on one side so I can hopefully stand up and GET OFF....but NO! So I'm thinking "I'm gonna have to fall off!"  I'm trying not to make too much noise at the point because 'farmer across the street' (that's his name.:dry:) is there and I sure don't want to look like a fool..I know...TOO LATE!!! 

Well. after picking myself up and looking around I gather my composure and congratulate Bigsby on job well done!  I will not trim his feet or anyone else's today.  I will go shopping! Hmph!  So off to Barnes and Noble I go to get "The 5000 year leap".  And maybe a Starbuck's to soothe my wounded ego!




Have a most fabulous day!


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