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Posted by Sue on February 15, 2010 at 10:10 AM

Hello there!


We've been getting several questions about how our animals are fed.  I wanted to post that here so everyone can see at once.


Our birds(chickens, ducks, turkeys, geese, and gunieas) are all free ranging.  That means that they have full access to all 8 of our acres.  They also wander onto the 12 acre hay field next to us.  No chemicals are used on any of those 20 acres.  We use no chemical fertilizers, treatments, nothing.  They are also supplemented with scratch grains.  That means that they get some millet, oats, sunflower seeds, and other grains.  They only get that when the ground is frozen and the land is barren in the winter time.  There just isn't enough plant life and bug life to support them without some supplemental (organic) feed.  Sometimes in the winter months I'll cook up some beans and quinoa and millet and rice and give that to them to make sure that they are getting the nutrients they need.  And, we put some cider vinegar in their water to provide them with the health benefits from that.


Our sheep and goats are fed hay and alfalfa and are on pasture 24/7.  We use a supplemental grain mixture that is mixed especially for us to support the pregnant ewes/does as they get closer to giving birth.   Their water is also enriched with cider vinegar and/or rosemary.  Rosemary keeps the water fresher longer.


As our does give birth the goat milk will be flowing.  And that's when we will start to offer goat shares.  I'll keep you updated on that as we are in the process of having our contract written through the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund so that everything is done legally and no one can get in any kind of trouble.  The state and officials are very strict with this.


Our seeds that have been planted in the flats are all starting to sprout and are giving me the hope of spring...and then I look outside and I think..."Spring?  When" Where""  It snowed again last night and it's in the 20's here today.  I got up at 3:30am just to look outside and watch the snow and the winds blowing the snow was peaceful and beautiful.


Stay Warm wherever you are-


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