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Posted by Sue on February 5, 2010 at 9:08 AM

Good Morning!


Today holds many possibilities for our farm.  Jil and I (Sue) are heading to the meeting I breifly mentioned yesterday.  The local PBS station is hosting it and has invited some big (possible) customers for local producers.  From what I understand there will also be some insurance folks there and other business type of resources.  This is such a great contact for us to make..who knows maybe someday we'll be featured on Volunteer Gardening or Tennessee Crossroads. 


As our farm continues to evolve we see new oppurtunities open to us.  We are talking about planting some Christmas trees and offering a U-Cut option for some of our CSA members and other local folks.  I also enjoy making wreaths, so to grow evergreens and make fresh wreaths is another area that we are trying to develop.  Our grapevines will need to be cut back as they grow so there's another source for wreaths. 


Our hoophouse continues to be something we are working on.  I have a (A) hoop up and keep trying to get that accomplished.  It was supposed to up last fall.  Hmph.  It's amazing how many other things can take priority when you hadn't planned on them doing so.  BUT- we NEED this so be done within the next month.


Today I'll be starting the Leeks and Celery in some flats.  It's time to start getting those seeds started! YEAH!  Gardening is right around the corner.   Of course I've been thinking about since last December when all the seeds catalogs started pouring in.  I've placed two LARGE orders for heirloom and rare seeds and can not wait to start the planting FULL speed.  Patience.  Patience.  (We are suppose to get more snow tomorrow and next week).  If anyone knows a good source for some golden beets I sure could use some direction.  Everywhere I've been ordering has been OUT of those already. 


Have a geat day!

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