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A La Nina Winter

Posted by Sue on February 4, 2010 at 10:20 PM

We've been told time and time again that this is a LaNina winter.  oh yea.  It is raining again here at the farm and the pasture is mushy.  Or sloshy...if that's even a word.  First it snowed here last Friday, then it iced.  Then it melted and now it's raining.  If you know anything about goats...they are NOT happy.  Poor Enya.  She stays in the barn most of the day.  The others come out and it almost looks like they are tip toeing.  And, then they head back to the barn also.  I like to go down there during the day and just hang out with them and give them back scratches and head rubs.  And, I have a lawn chair that I keep down there.  When I sit in it the goats will rub on the back of the chair.  I call it a goaty backrub.  It's the most relaxing part of my day. 


Tomorrow we are headed up to Cookeville to meet with some folks about possibly providing fresh produce for the school district there and the big hospital up that way.  That would be great for our bottom line.  We'll see how it goes....


Have a great evening!


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